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Who We Are & What We're Trying To Do

We're New

It's really hard to talk about what we are as we are still trying to figure that out, but one thing we do know is that we love beer. We love making it, drinking it, being around others that enjoy it as much as we do, and most importantly sharing it with them. Penny Pinchers is a startup Nano brewery that is currently looking to get our start. We are in the process of looking for investors and a place to call home somewhere in MA.

What We Know

Penny Pinchers is on a unstoppable quest to create great beer without having to break the bank - and have fun doing it. We have a vision to create a brewery that is a part of the community and embraces the people there. It will be a Brewery you'll want to spend time at because it will be a fun place to bring your family, meet new people, and (if we do our jobs) enjoy the fun range of events that we plan to host. Thanks for your interest, we hope that you'll be inspired to visit.

Currently On Tap

Couch Diver

Well balanced, crisp, clean, and fruity east coast IPA. The taste and aroma of citrus and fruit in the beginning and ends on a bitter note, leaving you wanting more.

Vacation Fund

A light bodied Pilsner with a blast of tropical fruit. It is one of those beers you will want to enjoy on hot summer day. This beer will have you putting money into your vacation fund if you're not already there.

Potty Mouth Jar

This WHITE Stout is a light colored stout. It has the creaminess and body of a normal stout but the look and drinkability of an ale - with just enough chocolate taste to have to donate to the swear jar!

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Home Brewing Whereabouts
We're currently brewing from a garage in Northbridge, it's cozy and we make it work. But, like a hopeful puppy ready for adoption, we're looking for our forever home that has plenty of space to grow!
Head Brewer Info
Mobile: 774-696-7885
Email: jay@pennypinchersbrewing.com